Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our God Who is Forsaken by Our God for You and Me

I am taking a little break from Grim Fairy Tales.

Psalm 22:1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? ESV
God forsaking God? How can this be? We are not told except that it happened while Jesus hung on the cross paying for the sins of the world. This is the required price to pay for sinfulness. Forsakenness by God for all eternity is the price to be paid by impenitent sinful humans. However, God taking all these sins to himself and having himself nailed to the cross with them took care of it.

From before time God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit had this great love for each other. This is how we can say God is love. He did not need but desired to have a creation in which there would be persons created in his image to love. In Adam all of us rebelled and told God what we thought of him and that we could carry on quite nicely thank you very much. You can see that in the lives of the unbeliever. No thought whatsoever of God in his or her daily round. He or she only has trust in what they can do. Sadly Christians are not immune to that rebellion as well. We are always wanting to be our own provider taking credit for the gifts God has so graciously given. That is the old temptation “you can be like God”.

Fallen humanity makes a revolting god. A god who is self seeking and self centered. All curved in on him or her self with no concern for others unless it serves his or her purpose. The true and living God is giving. God the Father gave us his Son Jesus to live for us, bear our punishment for us on the cross and give us justification by rising again. God the Son took on human flesh, gave himself for us suffering rejection by those he came to save and bearing our sins to the cross. God the Holy Spirit gives us the forgiveness Jesus paid for in preaching of the word, baptism and the Supper of our Lord. All this is for you.

Holy Trinity! What a debt we owe you! All we can do is respond in praise and thanksgiving! Amen! †


Steve Martin said...


He has done it all for us!


He loves us. (go figure)

Anonymous said...

Can we not also respond by 'account(ing) ourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God?' He took all our sins to himself, that we might bear them no more.

Steve Martin said...

We are to "consider ourselves dead to sin".

God accounts us as justified.

Anonymous said...

This was the verse - in its NT reference of Christ on the cross - that literally converted me in a twinkling of the eye from an atheist to a believer. I've NEVER gotten over the stun of that verse and the effect it had on me. It was literally like being in one world and after that verse "hit me" being in another world realizing the world before hand was a shear facade.

It's also, looking back, where I was "Lutheran" before I actually knew it, the stun of God dying and being forsaken, denied in other confessions by the way!


Anonymous said...

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